Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a decentralized messaging app through which you can stay in touch with friends, family, and business contacts without worrying about data privacy or content being dominated by social media algorithms.

Who is for?

  1. It is for everyone who wants to send important and personal messages to others.
  2. It is for those who do not trust messaging platforms with their personal data and want to reclaim them to take control of your privacy. It is also for those who want to build a decentralized framework on data storage and exchange.

What advantages does bring to me ?

At times when we want to exchange sensitive, personal information such as passport number or social security number, we expose these information to risk of data security breach., in this case, lets you take full control of your data of storing, manging, editing and deleting. No more worries about sensitive data being in the hands of platform owners.

Who is behind ? is an open source project by Taiwan AI Labs. We welcome everyone to join us and contribute to this project. For list of all contributors, please check’s Github page.

Can I use on my phone/laptop/tablet ?’s core processing node has to be self-installed and run in a cloud-based environment such as AWS, Linode or DO. As for client side, we currently support iOS/Android and Tablet app that connects to the node through ssh.

How about GDPR?’s design conforms to GDPR regulations and framework. In the architecture, there are no centralized services that process user data. The user is both data subject as well as data controllers. Our development team does not serve the role of data controller.

Do you process take-down or hand-over requests from third parties organizations?

As stated above, does not have access to user data so does not process take-down or hand-over requests from third parties.

How do I contribute ?

  1. Documentation: Our developer site can be edited on Github.
  2. Recommend it to your friend: Please share to your friends or communities.
  3. Write Code: If you are experienced in either front-end, back-end or  mobile development, you are welcomed to check out the open issues on Github and start to make pull requests.

How does relate to PTT? shares the same value of PTT, both aims to build an open platform that brings diverse voices of people from different backgrounds.

What does to do with blockchain ? is a project inspired by the blockchain technology. For more details, please check out Github.

What does to do with AI (Artificial Intelligence)? is designed to provide a data storage infrastructure in preparation for the coming AI industry which is data driven and data hungry.

Where is your personal data stored ?

-It depends on where and which OS you set up your node on:

  1. Mac OSX: /Users//.pttai
  2. Windows: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Pttai