When online spaces, social networks, online shopping and information portal sites are monopolized by a few specific platforms, you do not have alternatives but to give up your personal data.

      -translated from Crossing Press


Achieve data justice, reclaim your own data

What can you do with PTT.ai?


with others

From your mobile phones or desktops to start personal messages and group discussions

Keep your

messages private

The messages resides only among the devices in the conversation

Start group


In encrypted groups you can create, edit and delete all types of content

Comply with

GDPR principles

No centralized servers exist in the PTT.ai ecosystem so you have full control over your data


Personal data exchange

We send sensitive data, for example, when we book air tickets together we sometimes send passport numbers to each other through messaging software .
In this case, reliable and privacy protected Instant messaging (IM) software is required, and this is where PTT.ai serves its purpose.
We welcome the open source community to build more applications for decentralized data exchange and to achieve the goal of “Data Justice”.

PTT.ai Tech Stack

Ptt.ai utilizes p2p + crypto technologies for data exchange and inspired by contemporary distributed system technologies such as BitTorrent/ Ethereum /git / IPFS
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